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CEO | Carlos Manhattan



The Carlos Manhattan Agency was birthed out of a desire to find the future version of Carlos Manhattan. Carlos calls this his spiritual journey and healing process to a new beginning, but after one conversation I got the sense it was a little more than that.


Question: what is the one pivotal moment that caused you to actually start your Agency? He immediately answered without hesitation as he goes into a story that his father told him.


Answer: There was a father who had a son and one day when his son got older he wanted to expand his talents, grow his career, and offer his vision to the world. So he asked his father, dad how do I grow from here? His father replied you have to find yourself, son once you find yourself you will find your agency.


This is when everything really clicked about his mission-driven purpose and how to properly serve in society, it was at this moment the Carlos Manhattan Agency was born. 


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Our mission is to help individuals become the greatest version of themselves. 


Our vision is to become a gold standard for individual development through personal branding.

Three reasons why everyone needs a personal brand.

1. A personal brand increases the value of your work. The market shows that if a brand is known, liked & trusted, it is far more acceptable in attracting quality relationships. 

2. A personal brand shows that you’re conscious about building your character & that you take responsibility for your choices. 

3. A personal brand also gives you the platform to display your extra added value. It’s an extension of your voice and creative talents. Consider it a public resume for the world. 

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